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Established in 1994 MAPEX  is a company specialized in the supply of products and services in the field of controlled demolition, restoring, consolidation and structural recovery of historical, rural and industrial buildings.

Our main mission is to offer to professional sector companies, a set of high-quality solutions. Thanks to the experience gained by our staff, we can give consulting and applicative solutions to solve any problem that operators have to face daily on building sites.

A careful choice of raw materials and test on our products guarantee very high quality standards and long lasting items. Our products will ensure you high performances and no loss of time in your daily work.

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Mapex manufactures and sells a wide range of professional diamond blades for building and controlled demolition fields.

The range includes different specifications in order to offer the best cutting solution on any building material.

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The wide offer of diamond drill bits starts from Ø 12 mm till Ø 1000 mm and above, in various lengths: from 150 mm to 2000 mm.
Moreover, we are able to guarantee different solutions for any requirement among the numerous applications in building sector.

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The range of our special tools is completed by a series of high quality hard metal bits. Our highly professional products will ensure you fast speed and long life.
Bits are available up to Ø 45 mm and length up to 1500 mm.

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Moreover, we propose a full range of WEKA electric drilling motors: from 1600 Watts up to 7500 Watts, single-phase , three-phase and HF (High Frequency) motors; integrated drilling systems, manually operated or on stand.

This highly qualified and professional range is completed by the manual double voltage (220 or 380 V) electric cutter for cuts up to 165 mm depth.

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We offer a full range of electric and combustion floor-saws for road business, industrial floor cutting, demolition and restoring operations.

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Manual equipment for polishing and trimming floors and pavements with diamond or hard metal tools.

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Moreover, we offer our compressed air tank systems for the injection of fluid materials and resins, indispensable for structural restoring and consolidation of buildings.
This system is more and more used in combination with the continuous drilling:  after drilling and setting tie-rods, it is necessary to fill in the holes with concrete mortar to reinforce the interested area.


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