Electric high frequency hand cutter

Technologies for manual cutting of concrete frameworks and buildings

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In the last years a new technology about electric motors called “High Frequency” has been developped. This advanced technology makes the motor work in high frequency at 1000 Hz. The high spindle rpm permit the electric motor to be small in size and weight, with high power, 3 – 4 times above traditional motors thanks to its electronic control and management.

Mapex offers this hand-held cutter Mod. TS 40 which takes a Ø 400 mm blade, allowing to make cuts of 165 mm depth.
This machine is supplied with a special frequency inverter and can be used both with single-phase 220 V power and three-phase 400 V power.
The cutter develops a 3700 W single-phase power, while using the machine with three-phase power it reaches 6500 W.


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This machine is fully manufactured in Europe, with special anti-corrosion materials and it fulfills all European requirements about security and reliability.

Prominent features of this machine are: compactness, stability, high-resistant oil-lubricated gears. Moreover, it can be used both for dry and wet cutting.





Our TS 40 works both with single and three-phase power.
Nominal single-phase power: 3700 W
Nominal three-phase power: 6500 W



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