Wall Drill Bits

Hard metal wall drill bits

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Mapex offers a full range of special innovative tungsten carbide drill bits that ensure the highest performances. The particular shape with 2, 3 or 6 cutting edges, make these drill bits really unique for their productivity and speed. Suitable to any construction material that you can find daily on building sites.


punte murali 1


TWISTOP with SDS-PLUS connection with 2 cutting edges, suitable for general construction purposes, for drilling full and perforated bricks, concrete blocks, soft and abrasive stones, concrete, lightly reinforced concrete, granite. It differs because of its particularly fast cutting, higher than 30% compared to other bits on the market. 

Ideal for drill hammers with 2 – 4 kg power.

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BOOSTOP drill bit with SDS-PLUS connection with 3 cutting edges, besides being suitable for drilling bricks and concrete, it is particularly recommended for highly reinforced concrete and stones of different hardness, increasing performances, life, mechanical hold in heavy duty jobs. Its performances are 30% higher compared to other bits on the market. 

Ideal for drill hammers with 2 – 5 kg power.




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MULTITOP drill bit with SDS-MAX connection with 6 cutting edges +1 is recommended for restoring and consolidation of historical buildings and heavy duty operations on materials like full bricks, dry stone walls, stones of different hardness, medium reinforced concrete. This bit distinguishes itself because of its particular strength, precision and it is vibration-free.

Recommended for drill hammers with 6 to 10 kg power.



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