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Professional diamond wire

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We have been in the controlled demolition field for many years; in this sector always more sophisticated wire cutting systems have been developed and are now able to saw big size concrete and masonry structures.
Therefore, it has been absolutely necessary to develop a highly professional diamond wire which could satisfy any demand about specific requirements and at the same time being in accordance with nowadays safety regulations.
Mapex has the right experience and the right product to satisfy all these needs.

filo diamantato


We can supply our customers with a diamond wire which fully satisfies specific cutting demands, ensuring a quick execution, long life and safety thanks to the rubbered wire.

The range includes an electro-plated diamond wire able to cut medium reinforced concrete, and a specific wire for highly reinforced concrete.

Furthermore, we offer an electro-plated wire specially designed for cutting 100% iron and steel, i.e. pipes, extrusions, section bars, iron beams, plates etc...



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To complete our offer, we propose a sintered diamond wire for cutting concrete with medium and highly reinforcements.

All our diamond wires are suitable to machine powers present on the market.

Finally we have a range of accessories like our hydraulic press for wire assembling, joints of three different kinds (fixed, flexible single and double joints), special tool for flexible joints opening and a lot more...



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