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Among the wide range of professional and specialized services that Mapex offers to its customers, it could not miss a series of powerful professional high frequency electric wall saws of new concept, manufactured by Weka, an European leading company, located in Germany.

The selection is made of three models:

  •  WS 75 - 6 kW - Hz 50  motor -  wire control box only
  •  WS 75 H - 11 kW - 300 Hz motor - wire control box 
  •  WS 75 HF - 11 kW Hight-Frequency 300 Hz motor - wireless control box



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Mod. WS 75 H is a powerful machine, ideal for not very heavy jobs and for cutting up to 39 cm. WS 75 can fit directly a Ø 750 mm blade for pre-cutting but it can take blades up to Ø 900 mm max.

Thanks to its 2 service centers in Reggio Emilia and Dueville (VI), Mapex can offer a full after sale service, including technical service for repairing and maintenance, as well as a periodic inspetion service on the whole Weka professional wall saws.





Binario WS75
Fissaggio motore
Leva chiusura
Box WS75


WEKA Authorized Distributor and Service Center for Italy.

WEKA Authorized Distributor and
Service Center for Italy.

We are the only authorized Weka Service Center in Italy and accomplished distributor on the Italian market. Weka is an important historic German company which has been manufacturing drilling motors, hand-held electric and high frequency saws for over 25 years.

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