Scarifying and grinding machines

Electric hand-held grinding and scarifying machines

scarificatori levigatori flex




MAPEX, puts its most accurate interest in contractors involved in restoration, consolidation and structural recovery of historical, rural and industrial buildings. We therefore offer to these companies, a set of grinding equipment with diamond tools and scarifying machines with hard-metal tools, able to treat every kind of surface.

levigatori flex



Models LD 15, LD 18, LD 24 use industrial diamond tools, recommended for rough grinding and smoothening of concrete, stone, granite, bricks and refractory surfaces where you need to carry out job fast and with a good finishing.

graffiatrice flex



Model RE 14 Retecflex use hard-metal tools, recommended for surfaces made of soft and abrasive material, concrete, bricks, hollow bricks, grout, plaster where you need to remove remaining glues, adhesives, linoleum, wood and other synthetic materials.

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