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Electric and combustion engine floor saws


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MAPEX is a company specialized in marketing and selling machines expecially designed for the sectors of controlled demolition, restoration, renovation and repair since 1994. Always updated about the newest technological evolutions in such applications, we offer a complete range of industrial floor saws for any need to companies specialized in the sector.

Our floor saw range offers machines with manual, semi-automatic and full automatic blade penetration and feed.




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In the last years, technical evolutions in this field leaded to the realization of saws that meet very well the operator needs, using always more performing motors with environmentally friendly technologies, cheaper, easy to use and fast in cutting process.

These machines can take diamond blades from Ø 600 mm to Ø 1200 mm with different specifications depending on the type of machine on which the blade will be mounted.



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At this purpose, MAPEX has developed a full range of diamond blades able to satisfy many and different customer needs, depending on the kind of material to be cut, its hardness degree and its abrasiveness.
The choice of a floor cutting blade has to be made depending on machine power, working conditions, and whether wet or  dry cutting is required.

MAPEX offers solutions and consulting about any problem that customers encounter daily on the building sites.




SUNDT  Exclusive distributor and authorized Service Center for Italy.

SUNDT Exclusive distributor and authorized
Service Center for Italy.

Sundt is a Norwegian leading company specialized in the production of a wide range of electric floor saws. Mapex, in quality of Exclusive Sundt distributor on the Italian territory, can offer you a 360° consultation and support.

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