Diamond core drill bits

Diamond core drill bits and accessories

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Our company is very well known for manufacturing special professional diamond drill bits in different diameters and lengths. We keep on stock standard drill bits for ordinary drilling operations on building sites and for the field of controlled demolition. It is with upmost dedication that we today recommend to our customers a wide range of dry and wet brazed or laser welded drill bits, that can satisfy any customer’s need in building field. The range is made of a series of dry laser-welded drill bits, length 150 mm - M16 thread, from Ø 42 mm to Ø 202 mm; a range of dry laser-welded drill bits length 320 mm with 1-1/4” thread from Ø 42 mm to Ø 202 mm with a multiple choice of adaptors to standard threads, ½” gas, M30 and special adaptors compatible with any kind of drilling equipment currently on the market.

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Our range of bits goes on with a series of laser-welded diamond drill bits with positioned diamond segments from Ø 42 mm to Ø 250 mm, in length 320, 420 and 500 mm for wet drilling.
A complete range of brazed and laser-welded wet drill bits from Ø 12 mm to Ø 52 mm with special ring segments, in length 320, 420, 450, 500, 600, 1000 and 2000 mm.

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Our complete range of brazed drill bits for wet cutting starts with Ø 42 mm till Ø 350 mm in length 420, 450, 500, 1000 and 2000 mm.
From Ø 400 mm to Ø 600 mm in length 420,450,500 and 1000 mm and for bigger holes drill bits from Ø 650 mm to Ø 1000 mm in length 420, 450 and 500 mm.

In addition to diamond drill bits, we also offer accessories for dry and wet drilling, adapters, bit extensions, special adapters and joints for any drilling machines on the market.




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