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Professional drilling equipment

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Professional drilling equipment "MAPEX"


MAPEX, always updated about technological developments in drilling solutions, controlled demolition, restoration, industrial jobs, and general construction, is currently able to offer a wide range of professional drilling motors satisfying any kind of drilling need that you can have daily on building sites.

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A wide unique range of technologically high content products which allows to drill from a minimum Ø 12 mm to Ø above 1000 mm. A range of new generation drilling motors, single-phase motors DK11 to DK32, from 1600 W to 3200 W, for light drilling by hand or on drilling stand, for dry or wet drilling.




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Three-phase drilling motors from DK42 to DK62, from 3900W to 7500 W for bigger and harder drilling jobs. In addition to the range, there are some new “high frequency” single-phase motors, SR25 and SR38, and three-phase “high frequency” motors: SR65, SR68 and SR75 with 6 and 18 integrated rotation speeds.





carotatore 1MAIN FEATURES:

  • Motors fully made in Europe and built with highly qualified environmentally conscious raw materials.
  • All MAPEX drilling motors are oil-bath lubricated, in order to guarantee high efficiency and long life.
  • Every MAPEX drilling motor has a security clutch driven by an integrated electronic system to secure optimal efficiency.
  • Moreover, they are guaranteed and they correspond to International standard security directives.







The range of” high-frequency” drilling motors represents the highest technological innovation. They distinguish from the classic single or three-phase motors for their high efficiency which is translated into a bigger power and a constant tool rotation speed, under load too.



  • Small sizes, low weights and High powers.
  • Controlled by an integrated software able to choose among 18 speeds during drilling.
  • Integrated hour-counter which allows a constant monitoring of motor life, showing the operator after 250 hours of effective work that service needs to be done.



WEKA Authorized Distributor and Service Center for Italy.

WEKA Authorized Distributor and
Service Center for Italy.

We are the only authorized Weka Service Center in Italy and accomplished distributor on the Italian market. Weka is an important historic German company which has been manufacturing drilling motors, hand-held electric and high frequency saws for over 25 years.




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